Can Guinea Pigs Eat Yogurt Drops?

Guinea pigs should eat hay, pellets, fresh water, and veggies. When given enough, guinea pigs can savor fruit.

Guinea pigs cannot eat yogurt drips or Yogies. Fat, sugar and extra calcium can cause health problems.

Short Answer
Guinea pigs should not eat yogurt drops as they are high in sugar, fat, and calories, which can lead to health problems. Guinea pigs cannot digest yogurt drops, even though they are not toxic.

Dairy products, including yogurt, can cause stomach upset, lactose sensitivity, and intestinal stasis, so avoid them. Guinea pigs need pellets, hay, and fresh veggies to stay healthy. Choose guinea pig yogurt drips for treats. These will have guinea pig-specific vitamins and minerals and less sugar and fat than yogurt drips.

Guinea pigs are herbivores and need hay for nutrition and teeth. They need hay, fresh veggies and fruits, and nutrient-rich pellets. Foods rich in sugar, fat, salt, or lactose can harm guinea pigs. Nuts, seeds, dried fruits, meat products, extra cucumbers and peppers can cause gas and bloating in guinea pigs, along with yogurt drops.

As a guinea pig owner, I know food affects health. I thought yogurt drops were safe. However, they often had loose stools and didn’t eat their usual food. I heard from a vet that guinea pigs should not eat yogurt drops because they can cause tummy problems. Since then, I have given them fresh veggies and fruits as treats, and they seem to like them as much as the yogurt drops. Remember that guinea pigs have unique food needs.

Cons of Yogurt Drops

Due to their sugar and dairy content, guinea pigs shouldn’t eat yogurt drips. They lack fiber and vitamin C.

Guinea pigs need a variety of fruits, veggies, hay, and water. Scurvy can result from a poor diet.

Raw beetroot, sprouts, spinach, and squash are gluten-free options with phosphorous and oxalates.

Guinea pigs can eat fresh fruits and veggies, but some are sugary. Preservatives and nutritional deficiencies make dried food unsuitable.

Guinea pigs lack lactase, which breaks down lactose in people. They cannot digest milk or yogurt drips.

Portion Sizes of Yogurt Drops

Guinea pigs eat voraciously. They eat hay, pellets, fruits, veggies, lettuce, and other chewable.

Their health depends on drinking lots of water. Without pure water, they could get sick or die.

Guinea pigs should also avoid being treated with harmful chemicals. Yogurt drops, honey sticks, and other commercial treats are unhealthy.

Cavies need hay, pellets, and modest amounts of vegetables. Guinea pigs need vegetables for vitamins, minerals, and happiness.


Give your guinea pigs good yogurt drops. Honey and seeds in yogurt can harm teeth and the stomach.

These treats’ sugar and calories harm your cat. They may cause obesity and diabetes.

Yogurt includes trace amounts of dairy, which can harm your pet’s digestive system.

Garlic is toxic and irritates the gastrointestinal tract. Garlic can also give your guinea pig stomachaches and lung problems.