Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper Towels?

Short Answer
Guinea pigs can eat paper towels, but not regularly. Guinea pigs love eating paper. Guinea pigs eat paper towels when bored, or their veggies and hay don’t taste good.

However, excessive paper towels can cause stomach issues and health issues. Paper towels should only be used as bedding in crises. Paper clothes can harm guinea pigs over time. Paper towels are less absorbent than other linens and tear when wet.

Guinea pigs need hay, veggies, and fruit. Guinea pigs must eat vitamin C-rich foods because they cannot make them themselves. Guinea pigs love variety, but new meals can upset their stomachs. Hay quality is crucial to guinea pig gut health. Adult guinea pigs prefer Timothy hay, while young ones prefer alfalfa.

I know how enticing it is to give my guinea pigs treats that aren’t in their diet. My guinea pigs love apples, strawberries, and blueberries, but I give them in moderation. I feed them hay, veggies, and fruits to keep them happy and healthy. When I ran out of linens, I used paper towels but changed them often to avoid health issues. As much as guinea pigs love paper towels, overfeeding them can cause stomach issues.

Safety Concerns of Guinea Pigs Eating Paper Towels

Guinea pigs are active and love to gnaw on anything. Sadly, some foods can harm guinea pigs.

Paper cloths with ink and bleach are toxic to guinea pigs.

These rugs are too wet for guinea pigs. They also cluster on guinea pig fur.

Give your guinea pig small paper towel bits. Larger pieces can choke or stop your pet.

Health Risks of Guinea Pigs Eating Paper Towels

Paper cloths are unhealthy for guinea pigs. A little won’t hurt them, but too much may cause stomach issues.

Constipation and edema can kill guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs’ intestines have trouble digesting big amounts of paper. This causes severe intestine blockage.

Giving your guinea pigs fresh hay and toys will avoid this. This will keep their teeth busy and prevent them from eating unhealthy foods.

Replace anything your guinea pig chews on. Choose soft, absorbent, dust-free linens.

Digestion Issues of Guinea Pigs Eating Paper Towels

Cellulose causes stomach issues in guinea pigs. Paper towels and toilet wipes are toxic to guinea pigs if inhaled.

Guinea pigs need a balanced meal of fresh vegetables, hay, and pellets. These foods supply vitamin C for optimal development.

Paper products and frequent chewing can avoid tooth decay in guinea pigs. This keeps teeth short and protects lips.

Guinea pigs can scrape their footpads on wire floors, causing infections or cancer. Antiseptic soaks, painkillers, antibiotics, and foot bandages are needed for this urgent situation.

Alternative Treat Options for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs have many treat choices. Fresh veggies, forage, pellets, and hay.

Guinea pigs get vitamin C from vegetables. Beet leaves, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, and kale contain this nutrient!

Commercial cat treats should not replace a healthy diet. Avoid these sugary goods.

Orchard green hay may nourish guinea pigs. This vitamin-rich hay is more available than Timothy hay.

Your guinea pig needs healthy food and a good environment. To avoid fly strikes and bumblefoot, clean and dry their box and bedding.