Can Guinea Pigs Eat Notebook Paper?

Cavies enjoy eating paper, but it’s not healthy. Paper eating may suggest a fiber deficiency.

Guinea pigs may chew paper out of lethargy or hunger. Preventing paper gnawing involves these steps:

Short Answer
Yes, guinea pigs can eat paper, but only in small amounts, provided it is free from ink, glue, chemicals, and toxic substances.  Paper is mostly plant-based and safe for guinea pigs.

However, intentionally feeding guinea pigs vast amounts of paper can cause digestive issues. Guinea pigs eat to maintain their teeth, which grow constantly. They can chew paper to shape their teeth and spit the tiny pieces. Although chewing paper is common, some guinea pigs may start eating it, which is unhealthy.

Monitor your guinea pig‘s paper intake. They may accidentally eat paper, but it is not their food. Paper isn’t good for guinea pigs, but it can aid. For instance, give your guinea pig toilet paper rolls to gnaw on, play with, and trim their teeth, but remove any glue or paper bits. You can also give them paper bags to gnaw on if they are not glossy, colored, or treated with harmful substances.

In conclusion, guinea pigs can eat paper, but only in tiny amounts, without ink, glue, chemicals, or toxins. Feeding guinea pigs excessive paper can cause stomach issues. As a guinea pig owner, you should watch your pet’s paper consumption and offer safe chewing options like toilet paper rolls and paper bags.

Safety while eating Notebook Paper

Small pieces of paper are fine for guinea pigs to chew. This protects their teeth from decay.

Eating too much paper can harm them. Guinea pigs cannot digest paper, so too much can cause abdominal pain or intestinal blockage.

To keep dogs healthy, avoid paper ingestion. Change their bedding or line their cages with newsprint to do this.

You can line their cages with fleece, noodle bath rugs, or shredded paper. These soft, absorbent materials prevent odor for 14 days and are cheap and easy to clean.

Nutritional Value of Notebook Paper

Guinea pigs can eat notepad paper, but not too much. Doing so could cause gut blockages, constipation, and other health issues.

Certain paper types are less digestible than wood or hay, which can cause intestinal blockages in guinea pigs, causing bloat or other severe health issues.

Guinea pigs, like other herbivores, eat leaves, stems, seeds, fruit, and other plants.


Guinea pigs may nibble notebook paper for fun or tedium. But too much paper can cause gut blockages and constipation.

Guinea pigs can bloat from constipation, paper intake, and other health issues. Take your pet to the vet if they’re sick or can’t poop.

Shred paper for guinea pig fodder. This material absorbs liquids and cleans their cages.

Harmful Ink

Guinea pigs eat notepad paper! When tired or hungry, they may nibble on a piece.

Use high-quality newsprint or shredded paper for guinea pig bedding. This cleans and freshens your cage.

Always use fresh paper for guinea pigs. Chemicals in the recycled paper may harm pets.

Petroleum-based dyes can also harm guinea pigs.