Can Guinea Pigs Eat Newspaper?

Guinea pigs eat paper and other things. This natural habit keeps their teeth from grinding.

However, eating too much paper can harm guinea pigs. Is newsprint safe?

Short Answer
Guinea pigs can easily eat newspapers in small amounts. Most newspaper ink is non-toxic, but checking for your guinea pig‘s safety is essential. It’s safer to avoid cards and books with harmful inks. Newspaper is natural but doesn’t provide many nutrients for your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs can eat tiny amounts of paper and paper products, but large amounts are unsafe. Feeding your guinea pig too much paper can cause stomach and health issues.

I have guinea pigs as pets, and while they like to chew on paper, I watch and limit their access to it. Before giving my guinea pigs paper goods, I check the ink. Paper goods are fun chew toys, but my guinea pigs need a balanced and nutritious diet.

Safety Concerns of feeding Newspaper

To avoid tooth decay, guinea pigs chew paper daily.

Don’t overload them with paper. Instead, give them hay or fiber-rich cereal.

Too much paper can cause diarrhea and bloat.


Guinea pigs cannot digest meat or paper. Instead, their guts digest fiber-rich green foods and hay from their natural habitat, fueling their growth.

Guinea pigs need healthy, natural food and gifts daily. Add fresh leafy leaves and herbs to their diet.

Give your guinea pigs Timothy Hay daily. You can provide all the nutrients they need by routinely feeding them these two foods.

Cutting a tube from old toilet rolls for your guinea pigs to gnaw on. This cheap cavie toy can be filled with treats or hay for fun!


Glue chemically bonds things. Natural or manmade, it has many uses.

Water- or solvent-based glues exist. When dissolved in water or melted, the polymer strengthens the adhesive interior.

Collagen—a protein found in mammal skin, bones, and tendons—makes up most glues. Gelatine and bone meal are added to glues for support.

Choose vegan glue if it includes these ingredients. This prevents your guinea pig from eating harmful toxins.

Guinea pigs can safely eat paper, another glue component. The paper must be pH normal and acid-free to prevent yellowing and to crumble.


Guinea pigs can only eat paper without ink or additives. Ink and color on paper can be toxic to guinea pigs.

Avoid the ink and toxins on some brands by buying unbleached paper bedding. Look for “unbleached” on the product summary.

The right bedding will soak your piggie’s urine and feces, preventing soggy bottoms and mold growth.

Guinea pigs need a dust-free paper or fleece housing. This simplifies cage washing and keeps their feet dry.