Can Guinea Pigs Eat Doritos?

Guinea pigs eat only plants. Fresh forage and high-quality hay nourish them.

Commercial treats are tempting but contain sugar, dairy, and seeds.

Short Answer
Cheetos are bad for guinea pigs. Most experts think guinea pigs should not eat Doritos, even in moderation. In Doritos, sugar, salt, and calories can cause fat, diabetes, and other metabolic issues. Health issues can cause early death.

Guinea pigs eat fresh hay and greens. They must eat Vitamin C because they cannot make it. Thus, they need vitamin C-rich foods like citrus fruits, kiwis, cherries, and bell peppers. To avoid diarrhea, introduce new foods gradually and keep portions small since fruits are rich in sugar.

Giving pets human treats is tempting, but they have distinct nutritional needs. Feeding guinea pigs Cheetos can be harmful. Instead, we should feed our guinea pigs healthy food. Guinea pigs like broccoli, cabbage, endive, carrot tops, kale, silver beet, apples, mangoes, and papayas.

I accidentally gave my guinea pig a potato chip as a gift. He liked it, but later that day, he had diarrhea. It taught me that even minor excesses could harm our pets. Since then, I only give him fresh, safe fruits and vegetables. Responsible pet owners feed their dogs.

Potential Health Risks

Guinea pigs like Doritos. However, these pets should never eat Doritos.

Guinea pigs can’t digest this snack’s fat and salt. Cramping, gas, and diarrhea may result.

Calcium and phosphorus in chips can cause bladder and kidney stones in guinea pigs. It may cause bloody urine or UTIs. This snack’s sugar destabilizes gut flora and upsets your cavy’s digestion.


Olive, yogurt, mint, and clam chowder Doritos are available. Unfortunately, these chips contain chemicals that could harm your guinea pig.

Corn gives guinea pigs essential nutrients. Its high sugar content may cause digestive issues and rapid weight gain in pets.

Before feeding your guinea pig fresh corn, shuck it. This prevents the kernel from drying and becoming hard to chew.


Guinea pigs need salt, but not daily. Excess salt can worsen urinary tract infections, bladder stones, kidney disease, and high blood pressure in pets with these conditions.

Chips’ calcium and phosphorus can cause bladder or kidney stones in guinea pigs.

Doritos’ sugar can make guinea pigs fat and cause diabetes and heart disease. Chips’ corn and sunflower oil may upset guinea pigs’ stomachs, and garlic powder and onion powder may be harmful.

Artificial Colors

Dye Red 40 (Allura red) is a popular US food coloring. Skittles, Doritos, and Pepsi contain it.

According to Nature Communications research, inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are linked to this dye.

“Concentrate selectors” include guinea pigs. These animals prefer high-calorie food over nutritious pellets in the wild.

Dairy Products

Guinea pigs can’t eat dairy like cheese, milk, or yogurt. Their stomachs are also sensitive to chocolate sugar.

Due to these restrictions, guinea pigs need healthy snacks like fresh vegetables. Serve them a cup of fresh vegetables daily.

Your guinea pig’s favorite foods are romaine lettuce, baby tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, parsley, dandelions, and carrots.

Guinea pigs may need to practice eating vegetables. Feed a little of the new veggie every few days until your pet gets used to it.